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Indoor Members Prayer Circle

Pauline Lister - IMPC Co-ordinator

The Indoor Members’ Prayer Circle is for members who cannot attend meetings, whatever their age. They might be housebound, a carer and unable to leave the house, or living in a residential home. They remain a member of their own branch and value being kept in touch with the wider organisation. If there is no branch they are cared for by their cluster.

Some IMPC members continue to help with the work of the Mothers’ Union by doing such things as knitting for neonatal wards, but above all, they are valued for praying. Praying for the work of the branches, the St Benedict’s Centre and outreach work in which members worldwide are involved, is vital.

Members receive an Easter card and a Christmas card, which contain a letter from both the Mothers’ Union chaplain and our World Wide President. They also receive a birthday card. If the member is 90 years old or more they will receive an additional card from our World Wide President and Mary Sumner House sends cards to couples celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

As a full member of the Mothers’ Union they receive the magazine “Families World Wide”. This is taken to them by a member of their own branch or cluster.

The subscription rate can be found by contacting the office at the Mothers’ Union Centre in St Benedict’s church, Lincoln.

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